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28 July 2020

Global / Asia and the Pacific

·     A better normal must mean tackling workplace violence and harassment (ILO, 27 July 2020) 

·     Impacts of COVID-19 on employment and business in the Pacific (ILO, 26 July 2020) 

·     Over 3000 health workers have died from Covid-19 worldwide (PSI, 24 July 2020)

·     ‘Temporary Basic Income’ could slow COVID surge, provide lifeline for worlds’ poorest (UN, 23 July 2020) 

·     Unemployment in Today’s Recession Compared to the Global Financial Crisis (IMFBlog, 23 July 2020) 

·     The ILO Global Summit Highlights: COVID-19 and the World of Work (ILO, 22 July 2020) 

·     ADB, GCF Commit to Partnership to Boost Green Recovery from COVID-19 (ADB, 22 July 2020) 

·     The COVID-19 Gender Gap (IMFBlog, 21 July 2020) 

·     Harness multilateralism’s power to urgently advance women’s rights amid COVID recovery (UN, 21 July 2020) 

·     New social contract needed to combat ‘inequality pandemic’: Guterres (UN, 20 July 2020) 

·     Include indigenous people in COVID-19 response (ILO, 20 July 2020) 

·     Building back better: Equality at the centre (ILO, 16 July 2020) 

·     Asia's garment workers say virus used as cover to smash unions (Bangkok Post, 15 July 2020) 

·     The Next Phase of the Crisis: Further Action Needed for a Resilient Recovery (IMFBlog, 15 July 2020) 

·     Productivity Growth, Key Driver of Poverty Reduction, Threatened by COVID-19 Disruptions (World Bank, 14 July 2020) 

·     Health Workers Silenced, Exposed and Attacked (Common Dreams, 14 July 2020) 

·     Workers’ rights continue to erode – what can we do to restore them? (World Economic Forum, 13 July 2020) 

·     Toward an Integrated Policy Framework for Open Economies (IMFBlog, 13 July 2020) 

·     Fiscal Policies for Transformed World (IMFBlog, 10 July 2020) 

·     Hunger could kill millions more than COVID-19, warns Oxfarm (The Guardian, 9 July 2020) 

·     Teleworking is Not Working for the Poor, the Young, and the Women (IMFBlog, 7 July 2020) 

·     OECD Employment Outlook 2020: Facing the jobs crisis (OECD, 7 July 2020) 

·     OECD calls for extended sick leave for workers exposed to COVID-19 (TUAC, 7 July 2020) 

·     COVID-19 is the biggest set back to gender equality in a decade (World Economic Forum, 6 July 2020) 

·     World economy that took elevator down faces steep stairs back up (Bloomberg, 5 July 2020) 

·     Business sector still far from reaching sustainability goals, UN report shows, 20 years on from landmark summit (UN, 4 July 2020) 

·     Mining unions in solidarity to confront COVID-19 (IndustriALL, 4 July 2020) 

·     Let’s talk openly about mental health in the workplace (ILO, 3 July 2020)

·     COVID-19 fast becoming protection crisis, Guterres warns Security Council (UN, 2 July 2020) 

·     Protecting South Asia’s poor and vulnerable against COVID-19 (World Bank Blogs, 2 July 2020) 

·     Diversification and cooperation in a decarbonising world: Climate strategies for fossil-fuel dependent countries (World Bank Blogs, 2 July 2020) 

·     Agricultural raw materials prices weaken amid COVID-19 (World Bank Blogs, 2 July 2020) 

·     Countries can take steps now to rebuild from COVID-19 (World Bank, 2 July 2020)

·     Air pollution: Locked down by COVID-19 but not arrested (World Bank, 2 July 2020) 

·     Job security, social dialogue and subjective health of working people during the pandemic (GLU, 1 July 2020) 

·     Digital Financial Inclusion on the Times of COVID-19 (IMF, 1 July 2020) 

·     ‘Bold and creative’ solutions needed for a sustainable, post-pandemic economy (UN, 1 July 2020)

·     Asia’s factories show worst may be over as China demand picks up (Bloomberg, 1 July 2020) 

·     How does informality aggravate the impact of COVID-19 (World Bank Blogs, 23 June 2020) 

·     Poor people respond differently to stay-at-home orders. Here’s what the data says (World Bank Blogs, 23 June 2020) 

·     Understanding the depth of the 2020 global recession in 5 charts (World Bank Blogs, 15 June 2020) 

·     As jobs crisis deepens, ILO warns of uncertain and incomplete labour market recovery (ILO, 30 June 2020) 

·     Lifelines in Danger: The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to dry up a vital source of income for poor and fragile countries (IMF: F&D, 30 June 2020)


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