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News by Country: Global / Asia and the Pacific

28 July 2020

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Global / Asia and the Pacific

·     UN rights expert urges States to step-up anti-slavery efforts to protect most vulnerable during COVID-19 (UN, 5 May 2020) 

·     Policy Brief: The need for social dialogue in addressing the COVID-19 crisis (ILO, 5 May 2020) 

·     Technical Brief: Rapid Diagnostics for Assessing the Country Level Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy and Labour Market - Guidelines (ILO, 5 May 2020) 

·     ITUC-AP: A brief analysis of the impacts on employment, government’s initial responses and trade union’s actions in the Asian and Pacific region (ITUC-AP, 5 May 2020) 

·     Scientists warn worse pandemics are on the way if we don’t protect nature (World Economic Forum, 4 May 2020) 

·     COVID-19 Crisis: Why ILO Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience Recommendation (R205) is relevant for Trade Unions? (ACTRAV, 2 May 2020) 

·     Importance of the effective respect and implementation of ILO’s International Labour Standards in the context of the outbreak of COVID (ACTRAV, 2 May 2020)

·     Virus Worries Haunt Workers Demanding Rights On May Day Worldwide (WBEZ, 2 May 2020) 

·     In pictures: May Day protests around the world (BBC, 2 May 2020)

·     May 1, 2020 end of week update: Debt relief for the world’s poorest countries (World Bank Blog, 1 May 2020) 

·     Informal worker movements call on governments to partner on Covid-19 response & recovery (MailChimp, 1 May 2020)

·     Journalists provide ‘antidote’ to COVID-19 misinformation, UN chief says ahead of World Press Freedom Day (UN, 1 May 2020) 

·     Workers’ struggles echo around the world as pandemic spreads (CLB, 1 May 2020) 

·     Guidance note: Addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on women migrant workers (UN Women, 30 April 2020)

·     Sharan Burrow: May Day 2020 message to the workers of the world (ITUC, 30 April 2020)

·     A “New Deal” for informal workers in Asia (IMF, 30 April 2020) 

·     Protecting Workers in the Informal Economy during COVID-19 Pandemic (ACTRAV, 30 April 2020)

·     COVID-19 and the new meaning of safety and health at work (ILO, 30 April 2020) 

·     Policy Brief: Protecting migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic (ILO, 30 April 2020) 

·     One World: Global solidarity for recovery and resilience (The OECD Forum Network, 30 April 2020) 

·     We need to strengthen social dialogue to respond to the on-going global health crisis: Lessons from Denmark (The OECD Forum Network, 30 April 2020) 

·     UN chief call for ‘solidarity, unity and hope’ in battling COVID-19 pandemic (UN, 30 April 2020) 

·     Coronavirus and human rights: New guidance highlights support for persons with disabilities (UN, 30 April 2020) 

·     Surveys show that COVID-19 has gendered effects in Asia and the Pacific (UN Women, 29 April 2020)

·     ILO: As job losses escalate, nearly half of global workforce at risk of losing livelihoods (ILO, 29 April 2020)

·     UN urges countries to ‘build back better’ after COVID-19 (World Economic Forum, 29 April 2020) 

·     COVID-19 poses an existential threat to human rights activists worldwide (openDemocracy, 29 April 2020) 

·     Healthcare workers are still coming under attack during the coronavirus pandemic (The Conversation, 29 April 2020) 

·     ITUC Global COVID-19 Survey: Global gaps in adequate provision of PPE and preparation of safe workplaces to protect workers from spread of Covid-19 in spotlight (ITUC, 28 April 2020) 

·     The COVID-19 crisis may lead to mental health issues for many workers (ILO, 28 April 2020)

·     Protect workers both now and after lockdowns ease, says ILO (ILO, 28 April 2020)

·     Across the world, construction workers are caught between coronavirus risk and joblessness (Equal Times, 28 April 2020) 

·     World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020 - Stop the pandemic: Safety and health at work can save lives (ILO, 28 April 2020) 

·     Coronavirus chaos could cause extra 7 million unintended pregnancies, UN study finds (Independent, 28 April 2020)

·     A UN framework for the immediate socio-economic response to COVID-19 (UNSDG, 27 April 2020)

·     COVID-19 should be classified as an occupational disease (ITUC, 27 April 2020) 

·     Halt destruction of nature or suffer even worse pandemics, say world’s top scientists (The Guardian, 27 April 2020) 

·     4 ASEAN States Abusing COVID-19 Emergency Powers (The Diplomat, 27 April 2020) 

·     Two crises, one flawed supply chain model: How the imbalance of power in global supply chains harms workers (Workers Rights Consortium, 27 April 2020) 


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