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News by Country: Global / Asia and the Pacific

28 July 2020

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Global / Asia and the Pacific

·     IMF Executive Board approves immediate debt service relief for 25 eligible low-income countries (IMF, 15 April 2020)

·     Sectoral impact, responses and recommendations (ILO, 15 April 2020) 

·     Women bear the brunt of COVID-19 impact, say UNI unions (UNI, 15 April 2020) 

·     Joint Statement of the Special ASEAN Plus Three Summit on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (ASEAN, 15 April 2020)

·     Why a strong multilateral response is key to tackling COVID-19 (openDemocracy, 14 April 2020) 

·     COVID-19 in Asia: a country-by-country guide (The Diplomat, 14 April 2020) 

·     COVID-19 Crisis poses threat to financial stability (IMF, 14 April 2020) 

·     The great lockdown: worst economic downturn since the great depression (IMF, 14 April 2020) 

·     Unions must support a stronger public COVID-19 response and a new global economy (OECD Forum/PSI, 14 April 2020)

·     ADB triples COVID-19 response package to $20 billion (ADB, 13 April 2020)

·     Migrant Workers Essential Workers Not Only in COVID-19 (Solidarity Center, 13 April 2020) 

·     Garment workers in Cambodia, Myanmar and even Asia lose jobs as Covid-19 hits them hard (The Star, 13 April 2020) 

·     Opinion: Inequality doesn’t just make pandemics worse - it could cause them (The Guardian, 12 April 2020) 

·     Who will bail out the workers that make our clothes? (Worker Rights Consortium, 12 April 2020) 

·     Global business, workers and civil society unite in call for emergency debt relief to save lives and livelihoods (ICC, 11 April 2020)

·     RadioLabour's World Report for Friday April 10, 2020-How the fascists will advantage of the pandemic (RadioLabour, 11 April 2020)

·     Clothing makers in Asia give stark coronavirus warning (BBC, 10 April 2020)

·     OECD Guidelines carry us through Covid-19 pandemic (TUAC, 10 April 2020) 

·     ITUC-ICC-Global Citizen open letter to Finance Ministers: Emergency debt relief (ITUC, 10 April 2020) 

·     UN Secretary-General’s policy brief: The impact of COVID-19 on women (UN Women, 9 April 2020)

·     Half a billion people could be pushed into poverty by coronavirus, warns Oxfam (Oxfam, 9 April 2020)

·     Managing infectious medical waste during the COVID-19 Pandemic (ADB, 9 April 2020)

·     Coronavirus-driven debt crisis threatens poor countries already at risk, says UN report (UN, 9 April 2020)

·     Confronting the Crisis: Priorities for the Global Economy by IMF Managing Director (IMF, 9 April 2020)

·     In times of crisis, solidarity between workers and employers is paramount, says the ILO (ILO, 9 April 2020)

·     Protecting women's rights during Covid-19 (IndustriALL, 9 April 2020)

·     Social movements in Corona times: new constraints, new practices (openDemocracy, 9 April 2020)

·     Coronavirus: Asia-Pacific nations unleash massive stimulus measures as scope of Covid-19’s economic impact grows clear (SCMP, 8 April 2020)

·     COVID-19 fallout could push half a billion people into poverty in developing countries (UN University, 8 April 2020) 

·     Governments must protect livelihoods from COVID-19 (BWI, 8 April 2020)

·     ITUC Global Covid-19 Survey: Regional differences exposed in government responses to the Covid-19 pandemic – millions of workers in Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas at risk of economic devastation (ITUC, 7 April 2020) 

·     Women health workers: Working relentlessly in hospitals and at home (ILO, 7 April 2020)

·     COVID-19 causes devastating losses in working hours and employment (ILO, 7 April 2020) 

·     Vulnerable workers in supply chains need urgent protection to survive impact of Covid-19 (IDSN, 7 April 2020) 

·     COVID-19 highlights nurses’ vulnerability as backbone to health services worldwide (UN, 7 April 2020) 

·     Country Cases – Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic from Selected Countries by Region (up to 6 April 2020) (ITUC, 7 April 2020)

·     ITUC Global COVID-19 Survey: 30 March – 2 April 2020 Key Findings (ITUC, 7 April 2020)

·     ITUC Global COVID-19 Survey: Regional differences exposed in government responses to Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of workers in Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas at risk of economic devastation (ITUC, 7 April 2020)

·     ILO Monitor 2nd edition: COVID-19 and the world of work (ILO, 7 April 2020) 

·     ILO ACTRAV Analysis: Governments’ Responses to COVID-19 (ILO ACTRAV, 6 April 2020) 

·     Rights experts warn against discrimination in COVID-19 response (UN, 6 April 2020) 


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