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Monday, 06 July 20

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·      Brakes on a National COVID-19 Cash Payment in May (KHAN, 21 April 2020)

·      KPTU press conference today launching an ‘Aviation Struggle Brigade’ against mass layoffs of subcontracted cabin cleaning, baggage handling and catering workers for big airlines like Korean Air and Asiana (KCTU, 20 April 2020) 

·      TADA basic service stopped without any consideration for drivers (in Korean) (Kyunghyang Biz, 18 April 2020) 

·      195,000 jobs vanish: Pandemic starts to suffocate job market (Korea Times, 17 April 2020) 

·      S. Korea unveils 2nd extra budget of W7.6 trillion for aid to virus-hit households (Korea Times, 16 April 2020)

·      Employment Crisis Confirmed in Hospitality, Tourism and other Face-to-Face Service Industries (KHAN, 14 April 2020) 

·      Unemployment benefit cases surges amid virus (KBS, 14 April 2020) 

·      Environmentalists concerned over increased use of disposables amid COVID-19 epidemic (Hani, 14 April 2020) 

·      Seoul to provide payments to young people who lost part-time jobs during to COVID-19 (Hani, 14 April 2020) 

·      Government rolls up its sleeves to prevent massive unemployment (KHAN, 10 April 2020)

·      The Covid-19 crisis must be used as an opportunity to expand public services (KPTU, 10 April 2020)

·      Govt’s economic measures amid virus (KBS, 10 April 2020)

·      Local governments develop food delivery app without fees (KHAN, 7 April 2020) 

·      COVID-19 makes case for universal health care (Korea Herald, 8 April 2020) 

·      Korean Air to place 70% of workforce on paid leave for 6 months (Hankyoreh, 8 April 2020)

·      Shadow labourers to fight the virus on the front line (Sisain, 8 April 2020)

·      University students demand financial aid, right to education (Korea Times, 7 April 2020) 

·      New measures to protect medical workers (KBS, 6 April 2020)

·      Majority of call center employees feel vulnerable to coronavirus (Korea Bizwire, 5 April 2020) 

·      Unions to ensure workers’ wages as COVID-19 is put “under control” (BWI, 4 April 2020) 

·      Part-timers in Korea experience pay cut due to COVID-19 (Korea Herald, 3 April 2020) 

·      South Korea’s delivery workers face ‘unbearable’ pressure amid COVID-19 (PRI, 3 April 2020) 

·      Disaster income’ hinges on health insurance payments (Korea Times, 3 April 2020) 

·      Pink Slips via Text Message and Forced Leave of Absence, “Threats to Our Livelihood Is Scarier than COVID-19” (KHAN, 2 April 2020)

·      Trade Union responses to COVID-19 in other countries and its implications (PSSP, 1 April 2020) 

·      COVID-19 Crisis: KPTU calls on the Government to prohibit dismissals starting with the Yeongjong Area and Aviation Sector (KPTU, 31 March 2020)

·      Retail sales up 9.1% in Feb. amid virus pandemic (Korea Herald, 30 March 2020) 

·      S. Korea to Provide Emergency Disaster Relief Funds to 70% of Households (KBS, 30 March 2020) 

·      COVID-19 likely to cause record surge in payouts for jobless in March (Korea Herald, 29 March 2020)

·      Big business in South Korea exploits pandemic to carry out massive assault on jobs (WSWS, 28 March 2020) 

·      COVID-19: Korean health workers demand further actions from government (PSI, 27 March 2020)

·      FKTU-MOEL Policy Consultation for Overcoming COVID-19 (FKTU, 27 March 2020) 

·      Korean Workers United to Combat COVID-19 and to Win Reforms to Improve Nation’s Healthcare System (UNI, 18 March 2020) 

·      COVID-19 and South Korean Workers, KCTU Demands (KPTU, 16 March 2020) 

·      Korean unions call for workplace measures to stop spread of COVID-19 infections in call centres (UNI, 11 March 2020)

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