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News by Country: Malaysia

Tuesday, 07 July 20


·     Survey: Majority of Malaysians don’t feel skilled enough to stay employed (The Malaysian Reserve, 7 July 2020)

·     Over 10,400 Malaysian students, retrenched workers possibly stranded abroad with no way of coming home (Malay Mail, 6 July 2020)

·     Plantation, manufacturing sectors most affected by foreign workers’ freeze (The Malaysian Reserve, 3 July 2020)

·     IHS Markit: Strong June manufacturing rebound suggests Malaysia in for V-shaped recovery (Malay Mail, 1 July 2020)

·     S'poreans want border with Malaysia to reopen (The Star, 30 June 2020)

·     In fighting Covid-19, Malaysia goes all out against human traffickers (Malay Mail, 29 June 2020)

·     Experts warn of rise in child labour among vulnerable groups (FMT News, 25 June 2020)

·     Malaysian palm oil producers step up perks to retain foreign workers amid pandemic (Reuters, 24 June 2020)

·     Finance minister: Wage Subsidy Programme has saved 2.4 million jobs amid Covid-19 pandemic (Malay Mail, 23 June 2020)

·     In hard times, unions as troubleshooters, not troublemakers (FMT News, 23 June 2020)

·     Freeze on foreign worker intake until year-end (FMT News, 22 June 2020)

·     Migrant workers’ camps are time bombs for infectious diseases (The Malaysian Insight, 21 June 2020)

·     Time to open JB-Singapore border, Putrajaya told (FMT News, 19 June 2020)

·     Banning retrenchment will hurt bosses and workers alike, says lawyer (FMT News, 18 June 2020)

·     No decision yet on ‘travel bubble’ for Malaysia (Malay Mail, 18 June 2020)

·     MTUC: Malaysian Workers Are In Trouble & The Govt Needs To Do Something NOW (TRP, 16 June 2020)

·     Police advise employers to check foreign worker Covid-19 screening documents (Malay Mail, 15 June 2020)

·     Malaysia’s unemployment rate rises to 5% in April as Covid-19 takes toll (FMT News, 15 June 2020)

·     Covid-19: Three out of five workers laid off in Malaysia below 40 years old (Malay Mail, 13 June 2020)

·     How Malaysia airline employees cope with MCO and Covid-19 pandemic (Malay Mail, 11 June 2020)

·     Malaysia holding talks with Singapore to allow Malaysian workers to travel again from Johor (Straits Times, 8 June 2020)

·     Malaysian Employers Federation: RM9b Penjana allocation will help revive employment sector (Malay Mail, 6 June 2020)

·     Malaysia farms face $3.9 billion hit from palm oil worker shortage (Straits Times, 5 June 2020)

·     Report: AirAsia to lay off 250 staff members following Covid-19 downturn (Malay Mail, 4 June 2020)

·     Socso: Job losses in Malaysia increased by 42pc in Q1 due to Covid-19 (Malay Mail, 3 June 2020)

·     New scheme needed for gig workers (The Malaysian Reserve, 1 June 2020)

·     Govt urged to come to aid of hotel workers who lost jobs (Malay Mail, 31 May 2020)

·     Malaysian Employers Soon Required To Give Foreign Workers Proper Accommodation  (TRP, 29 May 2020)

·     Malaysia employers to provide accommodation for foreign workers (hrmasia, 28 May 2020)

·     Stop hiring illegal migrant workers, says MEF (Malay Mail, 28 May 2020)

·     Putrajaya delays enforcing law amendment for worker housing improvement (Malay Mail, 27 May 2020)

·     MTUC calls for stringent checks on workplaces, migrant workers’ dorms after fresh outbreak of Covid-19 cases (Malay Mail, 26 May 2020)

·     60% of Malaysian workers will struggle to survive beyond a week of unemployment (The Edge Market, 24 May 2020)

·     The saddest Eid: Covid-19 cuts lifeline for Indonesian migrant families (FMT News, 22 May 2020)

·     Covid-19 pandemic causes labour shortage for Malaysia's palm industry (The Business Times, 21 May 2020)

·     COVID-19: New cluster involving immigration detainees identified in Malaysia (CNA, 21 May 2020)

·     MTUC slams Malaysian Employers Federation after retrenchment warning (Malay Mail, 21 May 2020)

·     Malaysia's jobless persons rise 16pct in March (New Straits Times, 21 May 2020)

·     Malaysia nabs 200 illegal migrants in Petaling Jaya Old Town amid coronavirus lockdown (Straits Times, 20 May 2020)

·     Get ready for post-Raya lay-offs, bosses group warns (FMT News, 19 May 2020)

·     Online petition urging Pos Malaysia to give Raya bonus to its delivery staff garners over 18,000 signatures (The Star, 19 May 2020)

·     Told not to hire migrant workers, market traders in KL struggle to handle business on their own (Malay Mail, 18 May 2020)


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