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News by Country: Indonesia

18 September 2020


·      Red Cross warns coronavirus is driving discrimination in Asia (The Jakarta Post, 17 September 2020)

·      Virus stigma complicates response to pandemic in Indonesia (FMT News, 17 September 2020)

·      The disparity of gig economy and rural-urban poverty (The Jakarta Post, 15 September 2020)

·      Indonesia Is Losing Health Workers at an Alarming Rate (Jakarta Globe, 14 September 2020)

·      Healthcare workers in Indonesia under pressure as coronavirus cases surge (The Straits Times, 13 September 2020)

·      Insight: Hit hard by COVID-19, gig workers (The Jakarta Post, 10 September 2020)

·      COVID-19 haunts industrial zones in Indonesia (The Jakarta Post, 7 September 2020)

·      Hundreds of Chinese workers granted entry permit to work in Riau islands (The Jakarta Post, 7 September 2020)

·      Six months after COVID-19 strikes Indonesia, questions linger over healthcare capacity and equipment (CNA, 4 September 2020)

·      Gig economy supports Indonesia's economic resilience (The Jakarta Post, 4 September 2020)

·      Patients crowd hospitals as Indonesia loses 183 'priceless' medical workers (The Jakarta Post, 2 September 2020)

·      Ministries of transportation, public works have spent less than half of annual budgets (The Jakarta Post, 1 September 2020)

·      88 workers at Nippon Oilseal Kogyu factory in Cikarang COVID-19 positive (The Jakarta Post, 31 August 2020)

·      Huge Indonesia mine resumes operations after lockdown protest (The Jakarta Post, 31 August 2020)

·      About 200 Workers at LG Electronics Plant in Indonesia Infected with COVID-19 (Business Korea, 26 August 2020)

·      Protest at Freeport's Grasberg mine in Indonesia extends to second day (Today, 26 August 2020)

·      Indonesian workers rally against new job bill, massive lay-offs (Bloomberg, 25 August 2020)

·      Indonesian organisations align with ILO action plan (Eco Textile News, 25 August 2020)

·      Gov't Starts $4.5b Cash Transfers for Workers, Small Business Owners Ahead of Schedule (Jakarta Globe, 24 August 2020)

·      Upset by Covid-19 lockdown, workers bar access to Freeport Indonesia's Grasberg mine (Straits Times, 24 August 2020)

·      Endless first wave: How Indonesia failed to control COVID-19 (CNA, 20 August 2020)

·      Indonesia puts US$33 billion move of capital city on hold to tackle COVID-19 pandemic (CNA, 19 August 2020)

·      House, unions team up to discuss labor provisions in omnibus bill on job creation (The Jakarta Post, 19 August 2020)

·      Money not reaching Indonesia’s virus victims (Asia Times, 12 August 2020)

·      Bintan Lagoon Resort to close down as Bintan tourism struggles amid Covid-19 outbreak (Straits Times, 12 August 2020)

·      Garment workers seen losing up to $5.8b in wages during coronavirus (The Jakarta Post, 11 August 2020)

·      Government expands wage subsidy to include 3 million furloughed, reduced pay workers (The Jakarta Post, 11 August 2020)

·      Govt to expand social aid, incentives to boost household demand, economy (The Jakarta Post, 7 August 2020)

·      Indonesia's coronavirus-hit economy shrinks for first time since 1999, by sharper-than-expected 5.32% (Straits Times, 5 August 2020)

·      Government reopens migrant worker placement to boost economy amid pandemic (The Jakarta Post, 2 August 2020)

·      Doctors and nurses dying as coronavirus cases surge in Indonesia (The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 2020)

·      Indonesia pledges 6.85 bln USD corporate loans to offset pandemic risks (Xinhua Net, 27 July 2020)

·      Asia battles second wave of coronavirus with fresh lockdowns (The Jakarta Post, 27 July 2020)

·      Millions of Indonesian migrant workers face hardship in Malaysia amid coronavirus fallout (ABC News, 26 July 2020)

·      Special task force formed after nearly 100 journalists’ contract COVID-19 (The Jakarta Post, 25 July 2020)

·      Civil society endowment fund: A call for collaboration (The Jakarta Post, 23 July 2020)

·      Indonesia records FDI decrease in second consecutive quarter (The Jakarta Post, 23 July 2020)

·      No more lockdown please, Indonesians say as coronavirus runs rampant (Straits Times, 22 July 2020)

·      With tourists gone, Bali workers return to farms and fishing (Business Times, 21 July 2020)

·      Better governance needed for Indonesia’s COVID-19 job stimulus programme  (AEC News, 19 July 2020)


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