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News by Country: Malaysia

5 February 2021

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·      Malaysian Employers Federation: RM9b Penjana allocation will help revive employment sector (Malay Mail, 6 June 2020)

·      Malaysia farms face $3.9 billion hit from palm oil worker shortage (Straits Times, 5 June 2020)

·      Report: AirAsia to lay off 250 staff members following Covid-19 downturn (Malay Mail, 4 June 2020)

·      Socso: Job losses in Malaysia increased by 42pc in Q1 due to Covid-19 (Malay Mail, 3 June 2020)

·      New scheme needed for gig workers (The Malaysian Reserve, 1 June 2020)

·      Govt urged to come to aid of hotel workers who lost jobs (Malay Mail, 31 May 2020)

·      Malaysian Employers Soon Required To Give Foreign Workers Proper Accommodation  (TRP, 29 May 2020)

·      Malaysia employers to provide accommodation for foreign workers (hrmasia, 28 May 2020)

·      Stop hiring illegal migrant workers, says MEF (Malay Mail, 28 May 2020)

·      Putrajaya delays enforcing law amendment for worker housing improvement (Malay Mail, 27 May 2020)

·      MTUC calls for stringent checks on workplaces, migrant workers’ dorms after fresh outbreak of Covid-19 cases (Malay Mail, 26 May 2020)

·      60% of Malaysian workers will struggle to survive beyond a week of unemployment (The Edge Market, 24 May 2020)

·      The saddest Eid: Covid-19 cuts lifeline for Indonesian migrant families (FMT News, 22 May 2020)

·      Covid-19 pandemic causes labour shortage for Malaysia's palm industry (Business Times, 21 May 2020)

·      COVID-19: New cluster involving immigration detainees identified in Malaysia (CNA, 21 May 2020)

·      MTUC slams Malaysian Employers Federation after retrenchment warning (Malay Mail, 21 May 2020)

·      Malaysia's jobless persons rise 16pct in March (New Straits Times, 21 May 2020)

·      Malaysia nabs 200 illegal migrants in Petaling Jaya Old Town amid coronavirus lockdown (Straits Times, 20 May 2020)

·      Get ready for post-Raya lay-offs, bosses group warns (FMT News, 19 May 2020)

·      Online petition urging Pos Malaysia to give Raya bonus to its delivery staff garners over 18,000 signatures (The Star, 19 May 2020)

·      Told not to hire migrant workers, market traders in KL struggle to handle business on their own (Malay Mail, 18 May 2020)

·      Don’t forget about us, Oil and Gas workers stranded in India (Malay Mail, 18 May 2020)

·      How Malaysian workplaces are changing due to Covid-19 (The Star, 15 May 2020)

·      More than 50,000 foreign workers in Penang to be screened for Covid-19 (Malay Mail, 14 May 2020)

·      Malaysia Deports Nearly 400 Undocumented Myanmar Workers (The Irrawaddy, 12 April 2020)

·      Coronavirus: Hundreds of foreign workers detained in major KL raid (Straits Times, 12 May 2020)

·      Migrant workers: Wake-up call for Malaysia (Aliran, 12 May 2020)

·      MTUC: Govt should review decision to appoint BP Healthcare Group as sole company allowed to carry Covid-19 tests (Malay Mail, 11 May 2020)

·      Should all employees get tested for Covid-19? MOH says sticking to targeted approach (Malay Mail, 11 May 2020)

·      Malaysia detains hundreds of foreign workers in major raid on KL Wholesale Market (Straits Times, 11 May 2020)

·      MTUC: Stop draining workers EPF savings to prop up economy (Malay Mail, 10 May 2020)

·      MTUC wants clarification on mandatory Covid-19 screening for workers (New Straits Times, 10 May 2020)

·      Now, Socso says only using full lab tests for Covid-19 worker screening (Malay Mail, 9 May 2020)

·      Malaysia's unemployment rate at highest in a decade: Statistics department (CNA, 8 May 2020)

·      MTUC criticises senior minister’s suggestion for workers to subsidise Covid-19 tests (Malay Mail, 8 May 2020)

·      Manhunt in Malaysia as 145 workers flee quarantine (GCR, 7 May 2020)

·      Covid-19: Malaysian retailers say job cuts, store closures inevitable as ‘new normal’ bites (Malay Mail, 6 May 2020)

·      PM Muhyiddin shares Malaysia six-pronged strategy in Covid-19 Fight (Straits Times, 5 May 2020)

·      Malaysia slashes interest rates to fight COVID-19 impact (CNA, 5 May 2020)

·      Market analysts observe sharp decline in local manufacturing sector due to Covid-19 restrictions (Malay Mail, 4 May 2020)


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