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News by Country: Singapore

5 February 2021

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·      NTUC to support ‘vulnerable’ mature workers amid crisis (HRD, 30 October 2020)

·      Migrant workers who test negative for COVID-19 allowed to visit recreation centres from Oct 31 (CNA, 28 October 2020)

·      Human Resources Ministry sets up committee to help Malaysian workers in Singapore affected by Covid-19 (Malay Mail, 28 October)

·      Covid-19: Bangladeshi migrant workers step up in Singapore (Dhaka Tribune, 26 October 2020)

·      470,000 lower-income Singaporeans to receive Workfare Special Payment payouts in October (CNA, 23 October 2020)

·      Over $5.5b to be paid out in Jobs Support Scheme from Oct 29 (Straits Times, 19 October 2020)

·      Firms in S'pore told to be responsible, sensitive if retrenching staff (Straits Times, 18 October 2020)

·      Singapore suspends work pass privileges for two employers who failed to send workers for routine Covid-19 testing (Malay Mail, 17 October 2020)

·      Southeast Asian airlines are falling from the sky in this COVID-19 storm (CNA, 15 October 2020)

·      HDB rental volume jumps in Sept as Malaysian workers return to Singapore (Business Times, 14 October 2020)

·      Only 10% of workers want to return to office: Survey (Asia One, 13 October 2020)

·      No new COVID-19 case in Singapore's dormitories for the first time in more than 6 months (CNA, 13 October 2020)

·      2,500 jobs on offer in retail sector despite Covid-19 impact, with 2 in 5 roles for PMETs (Straits Times, 12 October 2020)

·      More swab test facilities for migrant workers by year end (Straits Times, 9 November 2020)

·      More than 50,000 pre-schoolers pack food for migrant workers, send thank-you messages to healthcare staff (Straits Times, 7 October 2020)

·      Retrenchment benefits law does not guarantee better outcomes for employees: Josephine Teo (CNA, 6 October 2020)

·      Gender equality in Singapore remains elusive amid entrenched attitudes about women’s roles (CNA, 5 October 2020)

·      Singapore sees shortage of maids; employment agencies attribute this to lack of new applicants, employers retaining their helpers (Today, 5 October 2020)

·      Job seekers in Singapore willing to accept lower pay as Covid-19 pandemic hits hard (Straits Times, 5 October 2020)

·      Nearly S$10 million in Jobs Support Scheme payouts denied to firms with 'unacceptable practices' (CNA, 2 October 2020)

·      Grab head: Workers going freelance in Singapore due to Covid-19 slump should look for other jobs when economy recovers (Malay Mail, 29 September 2020)

·      More to return to office as S'pore eases Covid-19 measures: How will you be affected by the changes? (Straits Times, 24 September 2020)

·      How can we better protect migrant workers in the next global crisis? (Devex, 24 September 2020)

·      COVID-19: More people allowed to return to workplace, subject to conditions like capacity limits (CNA, 23 September 2020)

·      Workers expect higher pay raises when changing jobs, even as employers worry about talent crunch (Straits Times, 22 September 2020)

·      About 5,400 jobs on offer in food sector despite Covid-19 pandemic (Straits Times, 22 September 2020)

·      How a pandemic exposed Singapore's inequalities (BBC News, 18 September 2020)

·      Fine for manager who wrongfully confined 3 foreign workers for 42 days amid Covid-19 outbreak (Straits Times, 17 September 2020)

·      Construction demand to plunge this year after COVID-19 stalls projects (CNA, 17 September 2020)

·      Amid work pass review, Singapore must not close off from world to succeed post-COVID (CNA, 15 September 2020)

·      Front-line workers had to be prepared despite little info on coronavirus (The New Paper, 14 September 2020)

·      Retrenched SIA workers will get help to find new jobs: Ong Ye Kung (Straits Times, 11 September 2020)

·      2,400 SIA staff affected by job cuts amid Covid-19 fallout (Straits Times, 10 September 2020)

·      Nearly 75% of Singapore firms accelerating digitalisation due to Covid-19 (Straits Times, 10 September 2020)

·      Singapore’s poorest stay in lockdown as others move freely (Bangkok Post, 9 September 2020)

·      United Airlines' Singapore staff not affected by carrier's plan to cut 16,370 workers (Straits Times, 3 September 2020)

·      Routine Covid-19 testing: Deadline looms for 62k workers (Straits Times, 2 September 2020)

·      Over 13,000 training places for employees in hard-hit aerospace sector; 35,000 other workers tapped support (Straits Times, 1 September 2020)


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