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News by Country: Singapore

5 February 2021

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·      Singapore Invokes Fake-News Law to Defend Migrant Workers’ Tests (Bloomberg, 6 July 2020)

·      Singapore retail sales fall 52.1% in record drop in May during COVID-19 circuit breaker (CNA, 3 July 2020)

·      InstaReM and IITAAS set up fund for Indian migrant workers in Singapore (Singapore Business Review, 3 July 2020)

·      Coronavirus and inequality threaten to unsettle Singapore election (Nikkei Asian Review, 1 July 2020)

·      55% of employees working from home in Singapore are putting in longer hours (Human Resources Online, 30 June 2020)

·      Singapore, Malaysia agree to allow cross-border travel for some residents and business travelers (CNA, 27 June 2020)

·      Singapore budget carrier Jetstar Asia to cut a quarter of its workforce (The Inquirer, 26 June 2020)

·      COVID-19: Majority of employers 'reasonable and fair' in cost-saving measures (CNA, 24 June 2020)

·      S'poreans donated $90m in first five months of 2020, equal to whole of last year's donations (Straits Times, 22 June 2020)

·      First weekend of phase 2: Up to 80% jump in shopper traffic at popular malls (Straits Times, 22 June 2020)

·      Building new post-Covid-19 workplaces (Straits Times, 21 June 2020)

·      Spike in investments into S'pore-based fintech firms (Straits Times, 21 June 2020)

·      KidZania Singapore closure: 103 workers to be retrenched, given severance packages (Today, 19 June 2020)

·      Covid-19: Malaysian workers can’t enter S’pore, Thailand under lockdown, M’sian immigration chief confirms (Today, 19 June 2020)

·      COVID-19: No mid-year bonus for civil servants, one-time pay cut for officers in 'superscale grades' (CNA, 18 June 2020)

·      COVID-19: AIA Singapore employees to receive S$1,000 in work from home assistance scheme (CNA, 17 June 2020)

·      COVID-19: MOM issues fines, orders closure of workplaces for failing to comply with safe management measures (CNA, 16 June 2020)

·      COVID-19: More than 130 companies return Jobs Support Scheme wage subsidies worth S$97 million (CNA, 15 June 2020)

·      As job numbers turn out worse than early estimates, Josephine Teo warns full effects of Covid-19 yet to be felt (Today, 15 June 2020)

·      Singapore businesses and workers still have opportunities even in a less connected world (Straits Times, 14 June 2020)

·      Commentary: Employers who lowball jobseekers based on last-drawn salaries are shooting themselves in the foot (CNA, 12 June 2020)

·      Singapore stress levels show working from home is no holiday (Nikkei Asian Review, 11 June 2020)

·      Eligible employers to receive more than S$450 million in Wage Credit Scheme payouts by end-June (CNA, 11 June 2020)

·      Migrant workers volunteer to help curb virus spread in dorms (Straits Times, 8 June 2020)

·      Safeguards needed before travel between Singapore and Malaysia can resume: Lawrence Wong (CNA, 8 June 2020)

·      Regional Covid-19 testing centres to be set up across Singapore (Asia One, 9 June 2020)

·      Employers, operators and NGOs step up for workers cooped up in factory-converted dormitories (CNA, 5 June 2020)

·      No plans to reduce rates for CPF contributions (Straits Times, 5 June 2020)

·      More than 408,000 COVID-19 tests conducted in Singapore  (CNA, 4 June 2020)

·      Employers that 'disguise retrenchments' may have Jobs Support Scheme, work pass privileges withdrawn: Josephine Teo (CNA, 4 June 2020)

·      Parliament: Labour MP Patrick Tay calls on Govt, firms to root out workplace 'horror stories' (Straits Times, 4 June 2020)

·      32,000 foreign workers have been moved from dormitories to temporary housing (CNA, 4 June 2020)

·      COVID-19: Singapore to build new dormitories with improved living standards for migrant workers (CNA, 1 June 2020)

·      Employers must let their foreign workers move to other dorms or work for other firms to get levy rebates: MOM (Straits Times, 31 May 2020)

·      Singapore hopes to reopen 80% of its economy in June as coronavirus restrictions lift, says minister (CNBC, 31 May 2020)

·      Covid-19 has stressed social fault lines in Singapore (Straits Times, 31 May 2020)

·      NTUC focusing on matching at-risk workers to companies (Straits Times, 28 May 2020)

·      More than S$360 million paid out to self-employed workers under COVID-19 income relief scheme (CNA, 28 May 2020)

·      Chevron plans sweeping job cuts with 6,000 employees at risk (Straits Times, 28 May 2020)


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