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News by Country: India

17 May 2020


·     Left, Cong-backed unions to strike over labour law freeze (Hindustan Times, 16 May 2020)

·     Joint statement by India Central Trade Unions Action Programme (CTUs, 15 May 2020)

·     Trade unions to go on strike on May 22 to protest against labour laws suspension (The Hindu, 15 May 2020)

·     Covid economic package: Govt safety net for migrant workers and poor has little for now, more for later (The Indian Express, 15 May 2020)

·     World Bank approves $1 bn for India as social security fund for urban poor, migrants (Hindustan Times, 15 May 2020)

·     Complaint Letter by India Central Trade Unions to the ILO (CTUs, 14 May 2020)

·     HMS Letter to India Prime Minister on Migrant Workers (HMS, 14 May 2020)

·     Why isn’t there a Vande Bharat mission to get India’s migrant workers home? (, 14 May 2020)

·     Joint Statement by India Central Trade Unions (HMS, 11 May 2020)

·     Central Trade Unions Letter to India Prime Minister on Migrant Workers Act (CTUs, 10 May 2020)

·     COVID-19 Effect: Relaxation in labour laws, exemptions to cos in various states draw trade union ire (The Indian Express, 8 May 2020)

·     HMS 1st May Statement (HMS, 1 May 2020)

·     Data | 96% migrant workers did not get rations from the government, 90% did not receive wages during lockdown: Survey (The Hindu, 20 April 2020)

·     Plea in Supreme Court for allowing migrant workers return to hometowns after coronavirus tests (Times of India, 18 April 2020)

·     India coronavirus: The underpaid and unprotected women leading the Covid-19 war (BBC, 17 April 2020)

·     India: Trade unions express dissatisfaction with govt using COVID-19 as cover to make anti-worker amendment to existing labour law (Business and Human Rights Centre, 14 April 2020)

·     Covid-19 impact: PM must consult with trade unions for workers’ revival package, says labour economist (The Hindu Business Line, 9 April 2020)

·     Relief to construction workers: 18 states transfer Rs 1,000-5,000 each in 1.8 crore beneficiary A/Cs (Financial Express, 8 April 2020)

·     Coronavirus crisis: 40 cr informal sector workers in India will become poorer, says ILO (PTI, 8 April 2020)

·     Vulnerable Indians need urgent help to cope with COVID-19 pandemic: a UN Resident Coordinator blog (UN, 7 April 2020)

·     Lockdown is only the beginning of misery for India’s migrant labourers (Quartz, 7 April 2020) 

·     Workers wage daily war for survival during lockdown: survey (Deccan Herald, 6 April 2020)

·     United Nurses Association Move Supreme Court for Formulation of National COVID19 Management Protocol (Live Law, 6 April 2020)

·     CITU opposes govt decision the slashing down the interest rate on small savings, PPF etc. (CITU, 4 April 2020) 

·     CITU Letter to the Prime Minister on Problems of Migrant workers (CITU, 4 April 2020) 

·     World’s largest lockdown triggers massive exodus of migrant workers (BWI, 4 April 2020)

·     India will face most job losses in Asia-Pacific: IATA (Mumbai Mirror, 4 April 2020)

·     India COVID-19 lockdown means no food or work for rural poor (Al Jazeera, 3 April 2020)

·     Covid-19 crisis and long-term transformations: alternatives from India (openDemocracy, 3 April 2020) 

·     Migrant workers’ plight prompts UN call for ‘domestic solidarity’ in coronavirus battle (UN, 2 April 2020) 

·     World Bank fast-tracks $1 billion COVID-19 support for India (World Bank, 2 April 2020) 

·     Protective gear shortage makes Indian health workers vulnerable to coronavirus (Straits Times, 1 April 2020) 

·     India’s coronavirus lockdown leaves garment workers stranded in cramped factory housing (The Globe and Mail, 31 March 2020) 

·     Coronavirus lockdown: India grapples with migrant workers' exodus (Al Jazeera, 29 March 2020) 

·     Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety and Security Campaign (SEWA) (ITUC, 27 March 2020)

·     Hind Mazdoor Sabha’s letter to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (HMS) (ITUC, 26 March 2020)

·     Central Unions Joint Statement - Covid-19 (ITUC, 26 March 2020)

·     Finance Minister announces Rs 1.70 Lakh Crore relief package under Pradhan Mantri (Govt. of India, 26 March 2020)

·     Women’s Water and Sanitation Committees fight to secure water facilities on tea plantations: IUF (IUF, 26 March 2020) 

·     SEWA’s appeal for helping informal sector workers during the COVID-19 crisis (SEWA) (ITUC, 25 March 2020)

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