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News by Country: Israel

7 August 2020


·     COVID-19 supply disruption could be opportunity for Israeli start-ups (The Jerusalem Post,19 June 2020)

·     Israel - COVID-19 Report, latest news and updates from the workers of Israel (HISTADRUT, 20 April 2020)

·     The Media Line Investigates: Palestinian Workers Returning from Israel During COVID-19 Outbreak (The Media Line, 16 April 2020)

·     Israeli firm hopeful as it starts treating COVID-19 patients with placenta cells (Times of Israel, 16 April 2020)

·     A temporary collective agreement in Israir airline will prevent layoffs during COVID-19 crisis (Davar, 7 April 2020) 

·     COVID-19 Report, latest news and updates from the workers of Israel (HISTADRUT, 6 April 2020) 

·     Solidarity, unions and the needs of society – Israel’s teachers of COVID-19: a case study (Davar, 6 April 2020) 

·     A 47.7 billion shekel increase in public spending for COVID-19 crisis (Davar, 5 April 2020) 

·     Activities update COVID-19 (HISTADRUT) (ITUC, 1 April 2020) 

·     HISTADRUT fighting COVID-19 (ITUC, 31 March 2020) 

·     The COVID-19 stimulus plan is not the New Deal Israeli citizens need (Davar, 31 March 2020) 

·     HISTADRUT Chairman COVID-19 catastrophe is the country's responsibility, start releasing funds (Davar, 29 March 2020) 

·     COVID-19: The Youth Movement Goes Online (Davar, 29 March 2020) 

·     COVID-19 crisis: HISTADRUT and the government have agreed on paid leave for workers in the public sector (Davar, 17 March 2020)

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