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News by Country: Turkey

7 August 2020


·     The Turkish Progressive Syndicates Union Condemns the Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Workers by two Turkish Companies (Arab TUC, 20 July 2020)

·     Covid-19 impact and responses: Turkey (Fair Wear, 4 May 2020)

·     Volunteer dentists among Turkish healthcare workers conducting COVID-19 tests (Hürriyet Daily News, 20 April 2020)

·     COVID-19: Turkey bars firms from laying off workers (AA, 17 April 2020)

·     The Impact of Covid-19 on the Middle East and North Africa (reliefweb, 16 April 2020)

·     Inside ICU, Turkish doctors rush back to work after coronavirus recovery (CNA, 15 April 2020)

·     Turkey orders partial curfew as COVID-19 deaths climb to 1,006 (Ahval, 11 April 2020)

·     COVID-19 crisis threatens to double Turkey’s unemployed (Al-Monitor, 9 April 2020)

·     Turkey to ban layoffs for three months to ease COVID-19 impact (Hürriyet Daily News, 9 April 2020)

·     COVID-19: Turkey to support workers taking unpaid leave (Middle East Monitor, 8 April 2020)

·     YOL-IS opens facilities to health workers (BWI, 8 April 2020)

·     Unions Request Urgent Measures Against Pandemic (DISK, 4 April 2020) 

·     Unions and professional organisations request ‘Urgent Measures’ during pandemic (BIA News, 1 April 2020) 

·     Corona cases surge as anger grows among workers (WSWS, 30 March 2020) 

·     Joint statement on government’s response to the pandemic and demands from unions (DISK,KESK, TMMOB and TTB) (ITUC, 25 March 2020)

·     Turkish labor unions demand paid time off and increased pensions to combat coronavirus (Duvar English, 17 March 2020)

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