“An Omnibus Law should not undermine the Guaranteed Workers’ Rights”: The ITUC/ITUC-AP Letter to President Joko Widodo of Indonesia

Jul 2020
United Nations
Omnibus Law, President Joko Widodo, Indonesia, ITUC/ITUC-AP Letter

In solidarity with Indonesian workers, the ITUC and the ITUC-AP express its serious concerns to President Joko Widodo of Indonesia about the draft bill of an Omnibus Law on Job Creation.

In its letter, the ITUC and the ITUC-AP highlight that the “Omnibus Law on Job Creation” would significantly lead to greater flexibility and lower workers’ welfare. Furthermore, the draft bill also falls short of compliance with the ILO Convention 98 on Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining, Convention 100 on Equal Remuneration and Convention 144 on Tripartite Consultation which the Indonesian government has ratified.

The ITUC/ITUC-AP also call upon the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to respect its obligation to ensure the implementation of ILO Convention No. 144 on Tripartite Consultation. The views of KSPI Indonesia as one of the largest trade union organisations in the country must be taken into account by the Government before making any decision.

Shoya Yoshida, General Secretary of the ITUC-AP, said “Any proposed amendments should not undermine rights and benefits of workers guaranteed by the statutory laws and International Labour Standards”.

The ITUC/ITUC-AP Letter to President Joko Widodo is attached.

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