ITUC-Asia Pacific condemns Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine

Press Statement
Feb 2022
United Nations
Ukraine, Russia, Peace

Today, February 24, after the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. According to media reports, missile attacks and invasions by ground troops have already taken place, killing the people of Ukraine and causing destruction in the country. A series of military actions, including unilateral approval of independence in the two eastern regions of Ukraine, violates Ukraine's territory and sovereignty and international law requiring peaceful resolution of disputes.

The ITUC-Asia Pacific strongly condemns Russia’s military invasion and urges its troops immediate suspension and withdrawal from Ukraine. As an urgent issue, it is necessary to guarantee and protect the lives, property and human rights of Ukrainian people, as well as to prevent the global spread of political and economic turmoil. We call the international community, including the United Nations, to restore peace and security through prompt and close dialogue.

The ITUC-Asia Pacific, with its affiliates, has been promoting world peace. We denounce, in the strongest possible terms, Russia’s barbaric actions that threaten not only peace and democracy in Ukraine, but also in the rest of the world. We will mobilise all our capacity to uphold peace and to demand for an end to all forms of atrocities and violence against humanity.

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