10th Regional General Council - Supporting an ILO Instrument for Gender-Based Violence at the Workplace

Oct 2014

In this resolution, the ITUC-AP reaffirms GBV as a violation of fundamental human rights and also reaffirms its commitment to continuing the full implementation of previous related resolutions.  While the Conference commends the affiliates’ initiatives in contributing to the education, prevention, and identification of risks of GBV, it is concerned with the continuing prevalence of GBV in the workplace. It also notes that existing international and regional standards and instruments relating to GBV do not adequately address all forms and complexity of factors that contribute to GBV at work.

The Conference stresses the need for a comprehensive ILO instrument on GBV and welcomes the on-going efforts of ITUC and affiliates in calling the ILO Governing Body to include a standard setting item on GBV. With this the affiliates are further called to: continue persuading more governments, employers, and ILO Governing Bodies in this endeavor; step up efforts and implementation strategies in the prevention and eradication of GBV at work; implement equal participation and full movement of both men and women; deepen the understanding of GBV, its consequences, and its impacts at work.