14th Regional General Council - RESOLUTION ON REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Dec 2016

The ITUC-AP condemns the conviction and 3 year imprisonment sentence against the KCTU President Han Sang-gyun as it is a clear violation of the right to freedom of assembly and association. Thus, President Han and all detained workers should unconditionally and immediately be released. ITUC-AP is appalled to know that the Korean Transnational Corporations have been deeply involved in the corruption scandal committed by the current regime and should be held accountable. Their actions in many countries violate the fundamental rights of workers and infringe domestic laws.

ITUC-AP then extends their firm solidarity to the workers in Korea for their persistence and strong struggle against their corrupt and anti-union government. They also call upon the Government of Korea to immediately stop the regressive labor reform and to abolish anti-worker administrative guidelines including the introduction of a performance based payment and dismissal system.