17 Regional General Council - RESOLUTION ON AFGHANISTAN

Jul 2019

The ITUC-AP expresses deep concern on the attack of the head office of the National Union of Afghanistan Workers, Employees (NUAWE) by the Afghanistan Government on 21 April 2018. The ITUC-AP demands that the Government of Afghanistan return all properties to NUAWE, unfreeze the union bank accounts, and renew the legal registration license of NUAWE.

It also demands non-interference by the Government of Afghanistan in the internal democratic affairs of NUAWE, and recognition of NUAWE as a free and democratic trade union movement of Afghanistan. It extends full support to the NUAWE and working people of Afghanistan and requests all affiliates to send protest letters to the Government of Afghanistan, to invoke further the ILO supervisory mechanism on the complaint, and to lodge complaint against the Government of Afghanistan with IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, the USA, and UN or other donor agencies.