2021 Mayday Call by CTUM to the International Trade Unions and Workers to Take Action on the Myanmar Regime

Apr 2021

In this statement, the Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar (CTUM) calls International Trade Unions and Workers to take action on the Myanmar regime. It expresses its pride in being members of the international trade union family and in participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).

The CTUM calls upon friends to work on the following issues in order to starve and drive out the regime: first, for international trade unions to campaign for the insurance and reinsurance companies that insure seaports/piers and airports in Myanmar to block or suspend the regime’s contracts, second, for shareholder divestment campaign groups to campaign on the Ethical investment funds/the Workers pension funds to ask them to disinvest from companies, and third, for USA citizens to start investigations into companies/individuals that work with the regime.