2nd Regional Conference - RESOLUTION OF BURMA

Jan 2011

In this resolution, the Conference notes that the so-called election in Burma last year was only a ploy to divert the national and international attention from the economic and social crisis within the country and in the military. It denounces the sham elections which was in no way legitimate. Democratic forces were excluded and the junta sponsored constitution ensured continued control of the military over the government.

The Conference welcomes the release of Daw Aung Suu Kyi. Her great sacrifice, commitment, and leadership despite long years of reclusion need to be appreciated. The Conference demands the release of all political prisoners and labour activists and calls on the international community, the UN, ILO, and the governments to stand by the struggle of the people of Burma for freedom and democracy.

The Conference commits the ITUC-AP, working with affiliates and the GUFs to: campaign extensively for restoration of genuine democracy in Burma, extend solidarity support to the democratic trade union movement in Burma, etc.