2nd Regional Conference - SPRING REVOLUTION

Jan 2011

In this resolution, the Conference notes that since the end of 2010, the Arab world has been living in a state of popular upheavals and protests demanding freedom, dignity, social justice, and calling for the elimination of corruption and political and social repression. All revolutions were triggered by the protests which started in Tunisia in December, 2010, and ended up with regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt and led to destabilising the rest of repressive Arab regimes.

The revolutions and upheavals have resulted in significant numbers of martyrs and wounded and displaced people, as well as the victims of torture, marginalizaqtion, and starvation.

The Conference calls upon the ITUC-AP to continue to promote genuine democracy in the region by working closely with affiliates in their struggle, assist in the development of independent and democratic trade unions, assist in capacity building in the region, etc.