2nd Regional General Council - Resolution on NPT and Disarmament

Nov 2008

In this resolution, the ITUC-Asia Pacific Regional General Council notes with dismay that the total world military spending in 2007 stood at $1,339 billion in 2007, equivalent to 2.5% of world GDP and U.S. $202 per capita. It emphasizes the extremely slow pace of nuclear and conventional disarmament and deplores the fact that armed conflict and terrorism continue unabated, causing pain and suffering to people in our region and worldwide.

The Council supports initiatives that include “Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaties” in Latin America and the South Pacific that promote anti-nuclear movements, and Mayors for Peace (membership of 2,410 cities in 131 countries), a body made up of local governments throughout the world. It expresses its firm commitment to pursue permanent world peace through abolition of nuclear weapons and disarmament of conventional weapons.