2nd Regional General Council - Resolution on Organising

Nov 2008

In this resolution, the 2nd ITUC-AP General Council reiterates that trade union organizations empower working women and men provide themselves with the means to assert their freedom and to fight for their immediate needs and emphasizes that the basis and the most important source of power of a trade union are the unity and organization of its members. It regrets that  trade union density is abysmally poor in many countries in the region and vast segments of working women and men are still out of the union fold.

The General council expresses serious concern at the blatant violation of trade union rights in many countries, that governments are increasingly becoming intolerant of trade unions, that core labour conventions are either not ratified or not implemented, and that employers resist unions with impunity.

It calls on unions to accord utmost priority to organizing, launch specially targeted initiatives to organize women and youth into trade unions which require added commitments to incorporate gender perspectives into trade union activity on a scale sufficient to make a difference, etc. It also calls on ITUC/ITUC-AP to give top priority in all areas of work to supporting organizing activities and capacities of trade unions including recruitment, obtaining recognition and the conclusion and strengthening of collective agreements, to accord topmost priority to organizing informal workers and atypical workers and extend all assistance to the affiliates in this task, etc.