3rd Regional General Council - Domestic Workers

Nov 2009

In this resolution, the 3rd ITUC-AP General Council Meeting recognises that despite immense contributions of the domestic workers to the economy of a country, domestic work is undervalued, unrecognized, and unaccounted for at national and international levels. It underscores that domestic workers’ invisibility being forced to stay in the confines of employer’s home and largely unprotected by legislations and regulations makes them highly vulnerable to abuse, discrimination, and worst forms of exploitation.

The General Council declares that trade unions, being the most responsible and accountable organization in alleviating the plight of domestic workers, should be at the forefront in establishing international standards that will provide the principles and rights with a clear framework for their protection, rightful treatment, and long overdue recognition. It calls on ITUC-AP and affiliates to actively campaign towards the adoption of international instruments for the protection of domestic workers with the trade unions recommended core provisions integrated, to undertake capacity building on the trade unions core provision on the proposed international instruments and on the issues of domestic workers, especially on counteracting government and employers arguments against trade unions’ position, etc.