3rd Regional General Council - Migrant labour

Nov 2009

In this resolution, the 3rd ITUC-AP General Council Meeting notes that international labour migration has drastically increased in the times of globalization and as many as 200 million workers and their families are residing in countries other than their own in search of employment, Asia and the Pacific region account for more than 50 million. It also recognises the growing feminization of labour migration- women workers constitute almost half of the migrant labour. It deplores that migrant workers are frequently subjected to unequal treatment and opportunities as well as discriminatory behaviour and condemns the most exploitative and inhuman conditions of domestic workers which in some cases amount to slavery and forced labour.

The General Council calls on unions to establish migrant labour centres/departments, wherever appropriate, establish partnership agreements between unions in origin and destination countries, organize migrant labour in both origin and departure countries, etc. It also calls on ITUC/ITUC-AP to promote the ratification and implementation of ILO Conventions 97 and 143 and the 1990 UN Convention on Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of their families, lobby together with affiliates, governments, and regional groupings, etc.