3rd Regional General Council - Pakistan Agriculture Bank Union

Nov 2009

In this resolution, the 3rd ITUC-AP General Council Meeting  expresses concern over the continuing violation of workers rights issue at Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan and deplores the unfair dismissal of the key office bearers of Bank Employees Union and victimization of other union officials and activists. It condemns the role of the Registrar of Trade Unions of the National Industrial Relations Commission in conducting a biased, non-transparent referendum (election) with no participation of the genuine employees union and awarding the management supported union the collective bargaining agent certificate.

The General Council urges the Government of Pakistan to immediately remove Zaka Ashraf, the President of the Agriculture Bank of Pakistan, reinstate the dismissed union office bearers, and hold impartial election in the establishment giving workers of the bank an opportunity for choosing their leadership as enshrined in the ILO Convention 87 and 98 ratified by Pakistan.