3rd Regional General Council - Republic Korea Violation of Trade Union Rights

Nov 2009

In this resolution, the 3rd ITUC-AP General Council expresses grave concerns at the oppression of the trade union movement by the Government of Korea and the deterioration of workers rights in the country. It notes that the government of Korea has pushed ahead with the enforcement of the Trade Unions and Labour Relations Act (TULRAA) which bans employers from paying wages of full-time officials and tried to forcefully implement a single bargaining channel in case union pluralism is allowed at enterprise level, denying the fundamental workers’ rights enshrined in the National Constitution.

The General Council extends full support to the Korean workers’ struggles led by FKTU and KCTU and calls upon the Government of Korea to repeal the provision in the TULRAA on the ban of wage payment to full-time union officials without any further delay, to immediately stop the attempts to enforce single bargaining channel and guarantee voluntary collective bargaining in caseunion pluralism is allowed at enterprise level, etc.