4th Regional General Council - RESOLUTION ON FIJI

Nov 2010

In this resolution, the 4th ITUC-AP Regional General Council notes the deteriorating situation in respect of economy, human, and trade union rights within Fiji and objects to the administration of Justice Decree and its amendment Decrees 10 of 2009, 25 of 2009, and 14 of 2010 that take away the Union’s right to challenge in any court decision of Government of Government-owned entities to make any employee redundant or change any terms and conditions of employment, despite a collective agreement remaining in force.

It calls on the Government to immediately revoke all the Decrees promulgated by the Regime that restricts or denies Human and Trade Union Rights and ensure that the respect for core ILO Standards and Conventions be strictly observed and to enter into negotiations with trade unions in the public sector and other government entities.