8th Regional General Council - FIGHTING HIV/AIDS

Nov 2012

In this resolution, the ITUC-AP expresses deep concern at the massive human suffering caused by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  It is noted that today, almost 34 million people live with HIV worldwide, 64% being in a severe stage of AIDS in low and middle income countries, with no access to life saving treatment. The Council recognizes that the consequences of HIV/AIDS have profound implications for the exercise of human rights and are symptomatic of a deeper crisis, poverty, inequality, and social injustice faced by poor people around the world.

With this the Council reaffirms the importance of the ILO’s role in addressing workplace aspects of HIV/AIDS and welcomes the adoption of the ILO Recommendation on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work no. 200 (2010). The Council also commits the ITUC to work for strong and effective action to prevent, control, and ultimately eradicate HIV and AIDS.