8th Regional General Council - RESOLUTION ON REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Nov 2012

In this resolution, the ITUC-AP expresses strong solidarity to the action of 2 precarious workers in Hyundai Motor, Choe, Byeong-Seung and Chun, Ui-Bong, who have been protesting against the company’s failure to recognize the permanent status of employees even after the Supreme Court decision recognizing the illegality the company’s subcontracting and permanent statusing of workers in the company. 

Apart from ignoring court decisions, the company has also announced a plan for new recruitment that is criticized by the parliament, and is taking a hostile line including: filing a lawsuit for damages against 26 union officials after a union’s strike asking the company to accept court decisions; and mobilizing police not in uniform to enter the plant and violently arrest the chairman of union Local. With this, the Council urges Hyundai Motor to regularize all in-house subcontracting workers following the Supreme Court decision and to stop any action depriving workers of the fundamental labor rights.