9th Regional General Council - Indonesia Violence Against Workers during Peaceful National Strike

Nov 2013

In this resolution, the General Council expresses its full support for the peaceful national strike led by the KSPI in which 1.5 million workers participated to demand an increase in minimum wage, implementation of health insurance, against state owned enterprises outsourcing work, and for the passing of the domestic workers bill and rejection of the mass organization law. In this strike, 28 workers were injured (17 with severe injuries, 1 in critical condition) by thugs armed with knives, iron rods and machetes.

The organized attack against workers during a peaceful strike by paramilitary organizations is strongly condemned with an emphasis on the Indonesian government’s role in ensuring workers and trade unions are protected from violence and threats thereof. The government is urged to conduct investigations to: bring responsible parties to justice; provide security and protection to workers in peaceful demonstrations and protest; and take action against officials for anti-labor attitudes.