9th Regional General Council - Philippines Supporting Long Term Rehabilitation Assistance for Workers and Families Affected by Typhoon Haiyan

Nov 2013

The ITUC-AP expresses deep sympathy and support to the over 11 million people across 42 provinces  of the Philippines for the terrible loss of lives and heavy damage to property, infrastructure, production, and agriculture as a result of the super Typhoon Haiyan. The Council commends the massive humanitarian, rescue, recovery, and relief response of all kinds from across the globe, while bearing in mind the importance of continued assistance to affected communities and people -- particularly the most vulnerable groups.

The Council emphasizes the need to support and build basic protection for an estimated 3.2 million affected women, 4.6 million children, and other vulnerable groups, against greater risk of sexual and gender-based violence, human trafficking, neglect, abuse, and eploitation in crowded evacuation and communal shelters. The ITUC, ITUC-AP, and affiliates are urged to continue support to affected people, and the ILO to support long term recovery, rebuilding, and rehabilitation, with priority to accelerating the provision of sustainable employment and livelihood to affected workers, their families, and communities.