A Comprehensive Labour Safeguard to Guarantee ADB's Investments and to Create Decent and Quality Jobs towards Vibrant, Inclusive and Sustainable Asia and Pacific

Policy Paper
Aug 2021

In this policy proposal, the ITUC-AP reiterates the urgency for the ADB to take a more balanced approach to its investment policy in order to address the immense problems that challenge the sustainability of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region and the realisation of the region’s long-term potential. It pays particular attention to how rising inequality is hindering poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth and recommends the strengthening of labour market institutions as specified in the ILO Decent Work Agenda.

It notes that core labour standards are not included in ADB’s obligatory lending requirements and in the policy guidelines offered to governments. Therefore, it recommends that the ADB should establish a comprehensive labour safeguard in ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) which should incorporate ILO’s Decent Work Agenda.