A Joint Commitment between Trade Unions and Employers Association

Aug 2020

The Indonesian garment and footwear industry is one of the most severely hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of worker’s health, safety, and job security. As these are unprecedented times, there was the understanding that swift and coordinated measures from all stakeholders in both national and global supply chains were needed.

Thus was a commitment by garment and footwear trade unions (FSP TSK KSPSI, FSP TSK SPSI,  SPN, FSB GARTEKS) and employer’s associations (API, APINDO, APRISINDO) to: 1) collaborate in good faith to ensure, promote, and protect the occupational health and safety of workers (including COVID-19 related health protocols); 2) implement ILO Core Labor Standards; 3) engage with relevant institutions and organizations to help suppliers and factories maintain the livelihood of workers; 4) develop, convey, and advocate for joint policy recommendations to address challenges in the sector; and 5) optimize efforts to maintain a sustainable business.