Core labour standards to safeguard an inclusive, sustainable and resilient Asia and the Pacific

Policy Paper
Aug 2021

This policy proposal by the ITUC-AP recognizes that economic, social, and environmental deficits are deeply rooted in the labour market and more exacerbated by the weakening of labour market institutions with rampant violations of core labour standards. Shaping the future of work based on core labour standards is essential for sustainable and inclusive development.

The ITUC-AP puts forth the following recommendations to be included in the ADB’s development policies, operation rules, and country guidance-- that the Decent Work Agenda with core labour standards should be included in ADB’s ‘Strategy 2030’, that the ADB should establish a comprehensive labour safeguard, that it should ensure that its development projects contribute to the attainment of the SDGs, that it should promote public investment in essential public services, that it should provide technical support for smooth transition towards green economy, and that it should continue the national, sub-regional, and regional social dialogues with trade unions.