ITUC-AP Report on the Implementation of Bali Declaration

Oct 2019

A report based on a survey by the ITUC-AP covering 51 affiliated organizations in 27 countries from February to April 2019 to measure the impact and implementation process of the Bali Declaration, adopted at the 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting of the ILO. While the results of the survey were mixed, it was clear that trade unions in the region recognized the lack of initiatives taken by the government in implementation of policies based on the priorities of the Bali Declaration. 

This means that it is imperative to have an intensive discussion in the ILO Governing body on the mid-term report of the Bali Declaration implementation to ensure proper measures are taken. The recommendations from the survey are: 1) create creator awareness amongst all parties regarding the Bali Declaration; 2) improve tripartism and social dialogue; 3) develop specific strategies for selected priorities; 4) strengthen ILO capacity building programs for trade unions; and 5) strengthen convergence of the ILO and trade union agendas.