ITUC-AP Statement on Construction Site Fire in Ichoen, Korea, on 29 April 2020

May 2020

A statement from the ITUC-AP expressing their sorrow and righteous indignation for the industrial accident in Incheon, Korea where 38 workers were killed and 10 were injured. The conveyance of dismay is due to the factory’s insistence on operation despite multiple official warnings against fire hazards and multiple suggestions of preventive and corrective measures. With this as a heartbreaking example, it is made clear that Korea has a long way in terms of protecting the occupational health and safety of its workers in terms of policy, inspections, and other implementations.

Suggestions from the ITUC-AP are to: ensure thorough investigation and severe punishment of those involved in the industrial action in Incheon to provide full support to the victims’ families; and to have immediate social dialogue to improve national occupational health and safety (OHS) framework in terms of strengthening of policy, punishment, workers welfare data-gathering procedures, mandated insurance, OHS authority, and increase of inspectors.