ITUC-Asia Pacific Action Programme 2023-2027 adopted by the 5th Regional Conference

Policy Paper
Nov 2023

Since the 4th ITUC-Asia Pacific Regional Conference in October 2019 in Tokyo, we have been experiencing an increasing sense of uncertainty and insecurity. Multiple threats from recent global trends, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and digital technology as well as the decline of democracy, have become more prominent and have posed unprecedented challenges to workers and their trade unions.

The 5th ITUC-Asia Pacific Regional Conference, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 20-22 November 2023, unanimously adopted the Conference Thematic Paper as Action Programme 2023-2027.

This paper comprises two parts: the introduction and the presentation of the areas of action. The Introduction discusses such threats and their implications on workers and trade unions. In response to these challenges, it asserts our vision for the future of work we want and prescribes a new social contract grounded on six key workers’ demands: jobs, rights, wages, social protection, equality, and inclusion. In line with these demands, the Areas of Action outlines the 18 specific policy areas that we will prioritise in the next four years and proposes our corresponding actions to effectively advance a new social contract.

The Conference Thematic Paper is entitled "March forward in solidarity: Advancing a new social contract for a just and inclusive future of work in Asia and the Pacific", which also served as the theme of the 5th ITUC-Asia Pacific Regional Conference.