Mapping of good practices and lessons learned: Strengthening women and youth leadership within the trade union movement for decent work in Southeast Asia

Nov 2021

This paper highlights good practices and lessons learned in building the new generation of youth and women union leaders.

The mapping, carried out as part of the project implemented by the International Trade Union Confederation - Asia Pacific (ITUC-AP) and DGB Bildungswerk, is organised around three pillars, in which actions can be taken to ensure a more enabling environment for young people and women to thrive in the union movements and in the process contribute to a more dignified, equitable, and inclusive world of work. These pillars include:

  • Building inclusive union movements by changing internal structures and creating an environment that allows young people and women to strive as leaders within trade unions
  • Empowering, attracting and organising women and youth to act as leaders within their unions
  • Advocating for policies, programmes, and provision of services that removes the barriers and promote women and young people empowerment in the world of work and beyond