Redressing inequality prevalent in the region through strengthening labour market institutions for sustainable and inclusive development: A position paper of the ITUC-AP

Policy Paper
Sep 2021

This position paper by the ITUC-AP offers a critique on the current economic policies that have, so far, not adequately benefited the workers who have contributed to the current trend of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Remarkable economic growth in Asia and the Pacific over the last 2 decades has not led to sustainable development while the benefits of growth have not been fairly shared between labour capital as well as among people.

The ITUC-AP puts forward recommendations for inclusion in the ADB’s development policies, operational rules, and country guidance to support inclusive growth and shared prosperity of regional integration. Among these recommendations is for the ADB to promote engagement with the ILO in order to strengthen labour market institutions. In order to make robust labour markets institutions, it is essential to comply with the fundamental workers’ right which, as human rights, cannot be compromised with any development agenda.