Towards just recovery and resilience post-COVID and beyond 2030

Mar 2021

In this statement to the 8th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development, the ITUC-AP shows that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific region was not on track in achieving the SDGs. It brings into light the fact that huge decent work deficits remain unaddressed, that, aside from the COVID-19 virus, misogyny and patriarchy are also becoming viral, infecting society and attacking the hard-won gains of women in promoting gender equality, and that the Asia-Pacific is currently the second worst region in the world for workers’ rights.

The ITUC-AP calls for a new social contract for recovery and resilience by putting forward five demands centered on promoting the rights and sustainability of the people and the planet. These five demands are; strengthening labour market institutions and systematic redistribution of wealth, rights for all workers, irrespective of employment arrangements, universal social protection, equality, and inclusion.