WaY2Go Newsletter, Issue 05

Oct 2020

In this special edition, the WaY2Go Newsletter delves more deeply into the issues and strategies of women and youth representatives (WYRs), especially in the face of the COVID-19 challenges.

The WYRs started training before the pandemic - a bunch of enthusiastic young women and men. They completed their drilling in Bali as COVID-19 intensified, unaware of the coming deluge.

The pandemic was their baptism of fire, the challenge to their preparations, and resolve. Yet, they plunged into action immediately.

This issue contains the following features:

  • What collective bargaining can do
  • If the employer balks, on to the labour ministry or elsewhere
  • Social dialogue for regulations
  • At times, unions need to insist on compliance with laws and regulations
  • Nothing, not even the pandemic...