On May Day, the CTUM calls for support from the international trade union movement to take action on the Myanmar regime

Press Statement
Apr 2021
United Nations
May Day, CTUM, Myanmar, International Solidarity

On the occasion of May Day, the Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar (CTUM) calls on the international trade union movement to support the civil disobedience movement (CDM) in Myanmar.

Concrete actions from trade unions globally can contribute to starving and driving out the military regime. Specifically, international trade unions are requested to target insurance and re-insurance companies that insure the seaports/piers and airports in Myanmar in a campaign that urges them to block or suspend their contracts. "If there is no insurance on the Myanmar seaports and airports, no ships, from within ASEAN nor any part of the world will berth or land," the CTUM statement explains.

Moreover, the regional international ITUC organisations are urged to exert pressure on governments to declare their recognition of the National Unity Government. This is following the earlier recognition of the ITUC that the National Unity Government is legitimate.

May Day is also an opportunity for trade unions across the world to amplify the voices of the people of Myanmar by including their demands in May Day resolutions.

Maung Maung, President of the CTUM, said in the statement, "The faster we oblige [the military junta] to surrender and negotiate their leave, through isolation, the faster we will be saving our people and be able to build a new democratic peaceful federal country. This kind of aggressive action is the only language they understand."

Shoya Yoshida, General Secretary of ITUC-Asia Pacific, said, "The ITUC-Asia Pacific supports the struggles of CTUM and Myanmar's civil disobedience movement. I encourage our affiliates to show their solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar not only this May Day, but until they successfully restore the country's democracy."

The full statement of CTUM is available here.

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