ITUC-Asia Pacific adopts resolutions to tackle the key challenges faced by workers in the region

Oct 2022
United Nations
Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Occupational Health and Safety

During its 22nd meeting on 13-14 October 2022, the ITUC-Asia Pacific’s Regional General Council adopted seven resolutions that seek to tackle the key challenges faced by workers in the region. Specifically, the resolutions cover and address the following issues: (i) solidarity with the Hong Kong independent labour movement; (ii) the situation in Myanmar one year after the coup; (iii) support for peace in Ukraine; (iv) solidarity with the Afghan people; (v) solidarity with the Indian workers’ struggle against the anti-labour policies of the government; (vi) upholding of occupational safety and health as a fundamental right at work; and (vii) ensuring an economic recovery for Sri Lanka that is centred on decent work.

Felix Anthony, President of the ITUC-Asia Pacific remarked, “The challenges faced by the workers multiplied during the pandemic, especially in hotspots like Hong Kong and Myanmar, where democracy is shrinking and human and trade union rights are under attack.”

Members of the RGC held its meeting face-to-face for the first time since the pandemic

Despite the difficulties that confront workers in many countries in Asia and the Pacific, the spirit of solidarity in the trade union movement remains alive. Members of the RGC expressed their support for workers’ struggles in the countries included in the resolution. More importantly, they shared the various actions that they carried out to amplify and raise the demands of the trade union movement in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Ukraine, Afghanistan, India, and Sri Lanka through campaigns, mobilisations, lobbying with different governments and multilateral institutions, as well as direct support for affected workers.

Shoya Yoshida, General Secretary of the ITUC-Asia Pacific said, “The resolutions that the Regional General Council adopted are not only an expression of solidarity but a commitment that we will take the necessary actions to support the struggles of our sisters and brothers in the region.”

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